Spending Freeze: Let’s See If I Crack

It’s been a while since my last post. I’m sorry – I’ve been slacking.

I have to say the Louis Vuitton Sac Promenade shaped up really well – the bag looks really, really good now that it’s gotten a little TLC. I used it on a recent trip to Chicago for the weekend and it was the perfect size for packing all my clothes. I also took a backpack for toiletries, makeup and my shoes – I was not about to put any leakables or dirty soles in this baby.

Looking pretty sharp for a 27-year-old bag!

Last month, I’m ashamed to say, I did some pretty hefty damage to my credit card. By nature, I’m a saver and a huge stickler for paying it off each month – and this time after I did so, the amount left to dump into my savings was pretty paltry.

Not that I have any regrets about anything I got, but I think sometimes the sentiment of “I work hard – this is one of a kind – this won’t be here tomorrow – who knows when you’ll find one of these again” hits me pretty hard. And last month was apparently when the stars aligned to wreak havoc on my wallet.

In fact, when I think about how much I spend on extra stuff for myself each month, I’m not proud to say I do cringe inside.

One of my downfalls for the month: The Tory Burch Fleur Macrame Heels I’ve wanted for practically ever magically landed on eBay in my size – of course I had to get them.

So that brings me to The Great Spending Freeze of 2017. I’ve tried to do something similar in the past and ended up saying “Efff this” about a week in each time. But if I survived the Whole30 back in January, this is worth a shot. I’m like really bad dieter but instead of sweet, salty, creamy and spicy, I crave flashy, clearance, vintage and limited quantity.

I’m hoping that throwing this out here will make me more accountable for anything extra I’m spending this month. The things I’m forbidden to drop money on are any clothes, jewelry, makeup, shoes, accessories, etc. Let’s give this a full 30 days so that makes the freeze up on August 7th.

What I think I’ll be the most interested in is how much money I can actually save when I’m not dropping a random $10 here on something I found on Amazon or an extra $20 for a good eBay find. Plus, when I get stressed, I notice I start looking. Looking leads to wanting, which leads to me pulling the trigger, which launches the “don’t feel guilty – you work hard mentality.”

This one is mine – snagged from Thredup for under $20.
This one is Michael Kors. I’m getting Chanel vibes from both. 

I know it’s possible for me to look without buying – come on, I have SOME impulse control 🙂 – but this will be really good chance to gauge how much I really WANT something. Is it enough to wait an entire month before it’s a possibility to land in my clutches? Also, since sales, eBay and clearance sections are my kryptonite, I’ll be browsing much less – leading to a possible increase in productivity? – or more surfing on Pinterest trying to find new ways to work in stuff I already have?

Stay tuned – I’ll report in on the results in a month!


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