The Power of Porcelain Prints.

I’m not sure whether it’s the rising heat, my perchance for dreaming of laying out by some cerulean water instead of working, or the classic combo of a cool blue paired with crisp white – right now all I want to buy are some pieces in cool porcelain-inspired prints. I’ve lusted after this cute Dolce and Gabbana bag for a while. And will continue to only lust with it’s hefty price tag.

Image via Dolce and Gabbana

And have picked up a few of my own pieces in the classic print.

Now it seems my love of the print has moved into our remodel. Here’s the rug I picked up yesterday for the entry way. I’m hoping it pairs nicely with some gold pieces, the chunky table I’ll add some gel stain to and what we’ve done with the floors and the walls. Crossing my fingers it doesn’t come across as too carnival or kiddie. If it does, thank god for Home Depot’s return policy!

Oh yeah, and I’m obsessed with living vicariously through bloggers who are rich enough to snag a pair of these.

Image via Saks
Image via Google

Seriously YSL, what is this magic?!


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